EG-CERT Wins the Second Place at  The International CyberEX2020

EG-CERT Wins the Second Place at The International CyberEX2020

The National Egyptian Computer Emergency Readiness Team (EG-CERT), participated in the International CyberEX2020, which is organized annually by the Spanish National Institute for Cybersecurity (INCIBE), in cooperation with the Organization of American States (OAS). It was held this year on 10 September, and brought together the nations of Latin America, the United States of America and Canada, as it is considered one of the most prominent cybersecurity maneuvers at the international level that aims to boost the cybersecurity awareness and culture.A cyberattack is sent by the implementation team of the organizing country, and comprises several stages. In each stage, the participants are asked a set of questions that should be answered one by one. They should take into account the answer record time and the extent of its correctness. This provides a distinctive environment in which experts could evaluate the teams’ preparedness ad readiness. It also enables the participants to learn special skills and experiences in various areas of cybersecurity.

EG-CERT successfully passed all stages of this maneuver in record time and won the second place. It is worth noting, in this respect, that about 305 individuals, divided into 80 teams from 39 countries participated in CyberEX2020, that is considered one of the most esteemed maneuvers around the world.